Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Le cuginette ♥

Last week my Scottish cousin Paola and her family came here on holiday and they stayed here for about a week. 
She has got two cutie girls: 
Antonia that is six and she rocks! 
She is always happy, with a wonderful personality, she took care of all her little cousins. 

Little Georgia is four and she's the cuteness in person! 
She immediately had a special feeling with baby Manuel, they were always somewhere together playing or eating!!

We spent our days together going to the sea and to the swimming pool and eating pizza almost all the evening. It was great to be together

The kids had a lot of fun together, Manuel immediately learnt his cousins names and it was funny to see the kids communicating and understanding each other in their own way so perfectly!
I had the possibly to improve my English too as it's a bit rusty!  
We already miss our "cuginette"♥

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